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The Spiritual Concept

Discover Spiritual Living Corfu Concept as well as our sister brands

The Spiritual Living Corfu Concept

As the name suggest, “Spiritual Living Corfu” is a luxury brand in Corfu Island that introduces its guests to a healthy “self-centered” way of living that revolves around wellness and recreation in nature, the luxury of simplicity, and the importance of self-indulgence. “Spiritual Living Corfu” is made up of a luxury collection of Design Villas, a premium street cocktail bar, an artsy jewelry shop, and a luxury apartment.


The Owners

Hercules & Eleni will be your hosts during your stay at The Editor’s Villa and those who will ensure that your holidays on Corfu Island will flow calmly and seamlessly. Feel free to contact them for any inquires or questions you might have during your stay, as they will be readily available to cater to all your requests. 
Alfie (the owners’ fury friend) is the villas’ PR manager, melting the guests’ heart with a warm embrace and lots of dog kisses!

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Spiritual Corfu Brands


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The Architect's Villa

Luxury derives from simplicity and The Architect’s Villa is a living example to that. Its minimal, white-washed design complements Corfu’s verdant natural environment, becoming a canvas of contrasts for anyone who stays in it. Fully equipped with upscale services and facilities and in accordance to the concept of ‘Spiritual Living Corfu’, The Architect’s Villa will thrill all modern travelers who are craving for inspiration and authenticity. Just like at an architect’s home!

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The Editor's Villa

The Editor’s Villa blurs the borders between interior and exterior, introducing to its guests a Spiritual way of Living that’s modern, laid-back, luxurious and directly connected to nature. The villa’s quirky design boasts several romantic elements including quirky furniture and thick fabrics alongside an ‘intellectual’ atmosphere that make it feel like the home of inspiration of any modern editor. While, at the same time, it’s fully equipped with services and facilities that will make it feel like your true home.


Downtown Apartment

Local architecture and a quirky city-hotel design meet at “Downtown Apartment”, the most premium apartment in the center of Corfu Town, providing a high-quality, luxury stay any time of the year. Its quirky furniture and unique pieces of art make it feel like the apartment of a modern local artist. As it’s found in the center of Corfu Town, The Downtown Apartment is a convenient choice for all sorts of travelers, including business travelers.

Downtown Businesses

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Dell' Acque Street Cocktail Bar

Dell'Acque Street Cocktail Bar

Dell’Acque is a premium all-day street cocktail bar where island visitors and locals enjoy their breakfast in a beautiful and cozy setting. In the evening, Dell'Acque transforms into a funky ‘street’ cocktail bar with premium cocktails and modern vibes (music and design).

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2 Angels Jewellery Shop

Two Angels Jewellery Shop

If there is one place to satisfy your self-indulgence, it’s certainly Two Angels Jewelry shop. Our lavish jewelry shop features high-quality luxury pieces of jewelry alongside unique pieces of art and paintings that will completement greatly your art collection.